What We’re About

Mission Statement

New Hope Windward exists to lead people into an intimate relationship with Jesus, to develop them toward Christ-like maturity, and equip them for their ministry and life mission in the world.

The Mission Statement describes our assignment as a church. It answers the questions, “What do we exist for? What are we called by God to do? What is our mission?”

Vision Statement

New Hope Windward will become a model for reaching the unchurched through loving relationships in relevant, innovative environments that produce Christ-like disciples.

The Vision Statement describes the pictures of what God is calling us to become. It answers the questions: “What kind of church does God wants us to be? Where are we going as a church?”

Core Values

  1. Relationships: We believe in building genuine loving relationships with God and others, Christians and non-Christians alike.
  2. Evangelism: We believe that the most effective evangelism happens through personally investing in and inviting people to a simple and creative presentation of the gospel.
  3. Teamwork: We believe each member is a minister with gifts to be discovered, developed and deployed as we do church as a team and become fully committed to Christ and one another.
  4. Leadership Development: We believe in identifying and equipping teachable leaders who will realize their God-given potential and reach the world for Christ.
  5. Excellence: We believe that God is worthy of our absolute best therefore a growing spirit of excellence will permeate every aspect of service.
  6. Discipleship: We believe in growing people by building them up in the knowledge and application of God’s Word in practical and innovative environments.