What No One Tells You About The Good Life - The Ble$$ed Life 2/25/24

Small Group Resources

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How God Revives You From A Draining Setback 4/14/24
The Fatigue Epidemic & What To Do About It 4/7/24
EASTER at New Hope Windward 2024 3/31/24
The Surprising Path To True Fulfillment 3/24/24
Lowering Your Financial Stress Level 3/17/24
Are You Missing out on God’s Blessing? Find Out Why 3/10/24
Experiencing The Blessed Life 3/3/24
The 1 Thing That Causes People to Fail and How to Overcome It | The Power to Change 4 2/18/24
You Can Change | The Power to Change 3 2/11/24
Unlocking God's Power | The Power to Change 2 2/4/24
Experiencing Lasting Change | The Power to Change 1/28/24
Recalibrate Your Soul | The Hidden Threat Inside Your Mind 1/21/24
The Power to Change 1/21/24
Recalibrate Your Soul | Finding Breakthrough 1/14/24
Recalibrate Your Soul | Cleaning Out Negative Emotions 1/7/24
Hope Again 12/31/23
Rekindle Your Hope 12/24/23
Christmas At New Hope Windward 12/17/23
Defeating Depression 12/10/23